One of their very first times through this piece....
Russ - .. Damn It - Every Time
Jack - ?????... boy
Morrie - There's another hole there, Russel
Bill - There's some nice, um.. ,
Russ - DeeBahDah Bang! Bang! BahBahDahDah. Is that it?
Morrie - Um Hum
Bill - DahBahDeeBahDah BahDahBahDah
Jack - Well I think this is the nuts!
Morrie - DeeBahDah dahbahdeebahdah bahdahdeebum Is that it? Yeah. Yeah. You come right after the second hole
Bill - Right after the second hole
Morrie - Bahdahdeebahdah Bahdahbeedum
Jack - Do you like that?
Bill - Let's play it again. Oo boy, that's hard though.
Jack - Yeah, it sure is. I got some hard...
Bill - ...intervals are terrible
Russ - .. hard to hear, isn't it?