The Hollywood Saxophone Quartet

Welcome!  My name is Ellen Crawford, and my Dad was Morrie Crawford, the tenor sax player in the Hollywood  Saxophone Quartet.  That's him on the far right in the picture above. When I was a little girl, my job was to keep our cocker spaniel "Bopper" from barking when the HSQ was practicing at our house.

Recently, circumstances have brought the children of the HSQ members together after many decades.  My brother, the four Ulyate kids, and Jack's boy  and Russ's kids have all agreed with me - we need a website!  So here it is!

Surfing around the web has really been an eye-opener for me - the HSQ is still alive!  The old LP's are being re-released.  And their great "charts" are still being performed, (just check out the "Links" page), and have been copied and passed around until they can barely be read.

If you have any ideas you think would make this a better website, let me know.  Enjoy browsing around,  and shoot me an email and tell me what you know about the HSQ - I like hearing from you!