The Hollywood Saxophone Quartet

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 WEBSITE CHANGES (newest on top) 

  • 12/14/14: Merry Christmas! It has been a long time since I checked in here.  This was the first website I'd created, and the platform is now defunct, and it is increasingly hard to just "pop in" and add things.  HOWEVER, I want to give a BIG thanks to Robert George and his Lenoir Sax Quartet.  They commissioned an arrangement and dedicated it to my Dad, Morrie Crawford.  It turned out very nice, and is quite a honor.  You can hear a snippit of it from this page of their website.  It's "Hello Young Lovers", a tune from The King and I.  My Mom and Dad took me to see that movie multiple times.  They both loved it and both worked on it - Dad was in the orchestra.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH GEORGE!!
  • 5/21/14: I've been gettng a lot of spam at this email.  So I removed the direct link to the email, made it text, and ask you to do a little editing when you contact me.  Hopefully this will inhibit the spam-bots, but no the real humans.  .
  • 7/3/12: LINKS: Well, it's been a while since I've modified the site.  But a few weeks back Douglas Masek contacted me and said his group "Encore Sax Quartet" was performing a bunch of HSQ tunes in an HSQ Tribute in L.A.  See the LINKS page for more info.
  • 11/19/11: AUDIO/PERFORMANCES: Jack Miller has worked his magic on cuts from a professionally recorded 16" disk of the HSQ, and I posted the resultant mp3's.  Thanks Jack!
  • 11/16/11: AUDIO/PERFORMANCES:  Replaced my Phoenix mp3's with much nicer ones sent to me by Jack Miller, the recording engineer in Phoenix.  Now the fidelity is great!  Wrote a little more about the discovery of the performance recording.  
  • 11/13/11: HISTORY,AUDIO/PERFORMANCES: Amazing amazing.  A 1956 Phoenix HSQ performance was recorded, and recently found and sent to me.  Gosh, it's not a 78, and they aren't rehearsal tapes.  I had to make a brand new page called "Performances", which you can reach via the audio page. Many thanks to Michael Warner.
  • 11/3/11: Ok, Ok, I know, it's been a long time since I worked on this site.  But I've got some new LINKS to add and a few entries for the GUESTBOOK (my fav) so here I am. Also, >18000 visits? Amazing.
  • 8/17/11:AUDIO: I added another snippit of the HSQ guys talking.  I've got LOTS of "train wrecks" on the rehearsal tapes.  Maybe it will make you feel better when you hear the guys mess up - just like YOUR group does sometimes.
  • 8/7/11: LINKS: Added a bunch of links, and replaced one that mysteriously disappeared (again). Still missing having a guestbook, but not missing having to remove the off-topic posts. Feeling like I should post some more audio files...
  • 7/25/11: GUESTBOOK: I am finally fed-up with the guestbook. I have copied out all the old entries and created a table.  I have a brand new page containing all the old entries. It still needs some work, but I'll get it right in the next few days.  If you would like to write in the new guestbook, you now have to send me an email, and I will add your comment.  It's not nearly as much fun as the old Guestbook, where you could add your own comments, but we won't have to read about baldness and buying handbags and what-not. Perhaps someday I will figure out a way to have a real guestbook that also keeps the 'bots away. ALSO, just a personal note, we had an "HSQ Kids" party last weekend.  What great fun!  In attendance were John Dumont, Ryan, Robin, and Andy Ulyate, and Me and "Tommy" Crawford, and of course assorted spouses.   The day before Tom and I had met Greg Cheever.  What a great weekend!
  • 7/16/11: GUESTBOOK: I am seriously getting tired of all the spam in the guestbook. I may have to figure something out about that.  ON A BRIGHTER NOTE: >10000 visits! OMG!
  • 6/19/11: HISTORY: added another "snippet" just above the "programs".  The guys discuss what they are going to play for a gig.
  • 6/16/11: HISTORY added another program - Marymount College 1954 - thanks Michael!.  GUESTBOOK - removed some entries that were ads.
  • 6/11/11: HISTORY: We finally have a proper "history" of the group - go and read it. A big thanks to Michael Keepe for writing such a wonderful article.
  • 5/21/11: HISTORY/PRESS/STORIES: added another conversation "snippet" about the Spud Murphy interview.

  • 5/14/11: SHEET MUSIC: I've added the first conversation "snippet".  I've got a bunch of audio conversations of the guys talking about stuff that I've documented here on the website. I'm going to intersperse these conversation snippets in the website, in the hopes of personalizing the guys a bit.

  • 5/13/11: AUDO/RECORDS(78s): There is a new 6-sax tune - "When I Take My Sugar To Tea"! Zelde contacted me and said she had some tapes given to her by Mrs. Dumont.  Surprise Surprise -  a new six-sax tune. Granted, the audio is pretty rough, but the arrangement is great. LINKS: Yes, we have a woodwind quartet playing "Forget" on YouTube, and yes, that is me on flute.

  • 5/7/11:  Added a few more pages in preparation for posting excerpts from the 78 recordings.  There is now an "AUDIO" page with two sub pages, a page for 78's, and another page for the tapes clips - where most of the old excerpts still live.

  • 4/23/11:  PHOTOS: added pics of Spud Murphy and Frank Chase.  Thanks Daniel Sawyer! 

  • 4/22/11:  STORE: Added the Sheet music for Marks Jazz and incorporated PayPal.  Whew! You have no idea how many times I purchased it myself to make sure things worked.

  • 4/4/11: STORE = Added a Paypal "donate" button.  I know, I know, paypal can be a real pain to use, but it handles all the security stuff. It was an ordeal - they had my email wrong (still do) and couldn't fix it, so I just gave up and created an email with that name. 

  • 3/30/11: STORE - fancy new open-source player.  And posted the whole Marks Jazz tune.  Let me know how you like it.  Sheet music will be up soon - for purchase, hopefully.

  • 3/26/11: SHEET MUSIC: Added HSQ#'s into the table.  Explained what HSQ#'s are in a paragraph. 

  • 3/25/11: LINKS: added links to one of the Hollywood Saxophone Project's new YouTube videos.  They're great!  STORE: yes, there's a slight delay - beyond my control.  If things don't resolve soon I will at least post the entire audio piece.

  • 3/10/11: We now have had 5000 visits!  Wow!   In celebration, I am going to post an opening snippet of a brand new HSQ piece I discovered on my dad's home-recorded 78's.  This tune probably dates to the late 40's, early 50's.  I am transcribing it into individual sax parts, and should be done in a week or so.  My intent is to sell the parts to fund this website.  Go over to the new "STORE" page and listen to the snippet.  I LOVE this tune.

  • 2/20/11: LINKS: You MUST read the story about the Redden Brothers Saxophone Quartet.

  • 2/1911: It's "Have you met Miss Jones?" day!  LINKS PAGE:  Two new YouTube videos!  Got an email about one of them (Simply4Saxes), and then discovered the other (Verve Sax Quartet) while I was looking for the first one.  Both are highly unusual - check 'em out!

  • 1/30/11: 1) DOWNLOADS I finally got a chairty from Russ's son that he feels his dad would have liked you to donate to.  It's for you, soprano players! 

  • 1/26/11: 1) GUESTBOOK:deleted two entries.  I couldn't see their relevance to HSQ. 2) We have passed 3000 visits! Crazy!   3) I have digitized about 2/3s of the 78's that I found.  Some are amazing, others not so much.  I will have to de-pop tham :) and then they'll be ready to put up here on the site.  Tonight I Listened to Clerisse "Cache Cache",  plus Pinto's "Tom Thumb March".  Also a dynamite Bozza that just didn't quite fit on the 78 (about 4 bars incomplete), and another slow movement in which Bill got a coughing attack and they all stopped. 

  • 1/3/11: 1) DOWNLOADS: Added my Dad's arrangement of "Ghost of a Chance". Apparently an 84-year-old sax player asked his daughter-in-law to track it down for him!  2) Passed 2000 visits a few days ago.  Cool.  3) I just love Russ Cheever's  grandkid's entry into the guestbook. 4) LINKS: Added the Verve Saxophone Quartet, and links to 3 HSQ tunes. 5) We are in the process of converting the 78's that my Dad recorded during rehearsals (did he "record" them, or "cut" them?)  into mp3's.  We will have more for the "Listen" page soon.   There are some tunes that HSQ never released.

  • 12/21/10: DOWNLOADS: Added "Miniature Symphony for Saxaphones", composed and arranged by Russ Garcia. Note: That's not a typo.

  • 12/17/10: LINKS: Added a link to "The 4 City Saxes" play "All the things you are". I have to figure out a way to organize these links to specific tunes better. SHEETMUSIC: removed the Rehearsal Tapes links.  STORIES: Added a story from Robert George about Warren Barker, who wrote a couple of tunes for the HSQ.  ALL: general cleanup.

  • 12/10/10: LISTEN: Made a new "listen" page for all the sound files.  So far it's from Rehearsal Tapes only.  Incorporated a new audio player. Hope you like it!

  • 12/4/10: HISTORY: added more programs which I found.  Also added a great quote from Bill, found on the back of one of the programs, stating the object of the quartet.

  • 12/2/10: STORIES: I added a list of my Dad's instruments, with their serial numbers. Also, I've inventoried the 34 78RPM home-recorded albums that he recorded.  They're in pretty good shape.  Several are of performances of tunes I've never heard HSQ perform, so I'm excited.  We've ordered equipment to digitize them. (Don't worry, I won't make you listen to the record labelled "Bassoon Testing", with about 20 short tracks of my Dad playing long tones.) GUESTBOOK - removed another cyberbot post.

  • 11/22/10: DOWNLOADS: Added "La Plue Que Lente", arranged by Russ Garcia.  When I emailed with Russ Garcia about the HSQ, he reminded me about how he and the HSQ guys were all great friends, and in particular, how he and my dad were both "Porsche Addicts". 

  • 11/21/10: LINKS: Added the Texas Saxophone Quartet and links to 3 of the HSQ tunes they play. David Lovrien (alto) also gave me leads for some of the un-named REHEARSAL TAPE cuts - I'm going to check them out today.  And on the GUESTBOOK, perhaps you've noticed some cyber-bot entries showing up there, in spite of the captua you must enter.  I keep deleting these unwanted posts, but I am not a happy camper about this. I really like the GUESTBOOK - it's a way for me to know folks have visitied, and I try to contact everyone who take the time to write, if they leave an email.  But t have to find a way to keep the cyberbots out.

  • 11/14/10: Downloads: Added Bobby Van Eps arrangement of Darktown Strutter's Ball.

  • 11/13/10: Stories - added a story about life with Jack from his son John.  Also, we reached a milestone today - 1000 viewers!  Wow.  And I think the counter is smart enough not to count my visits, so that's really saying something!

  • 11/18/10: History - spent some time with the Programs and Press Releases.  Organized by date, went through mails and tried to find all the images.  If I missed something please let me know.

  • 11/8/10:  Stories: added a story about Jack from a former student.  Also added John Dumont's story about Bobby Van Eps.  AND.. we found Russ's son Greg today!  Russ has been kind of a mystery to me - I don't have many pictures or stories of him.  So I am very excited. 

  • 11/4/10: Links page:  My cyber-bud Robert George tried to sneak a new youtube video of his Lenoir Sax Quartet playing "Forget" past me, but I found it and linked to it.  Nice job!!

  • 10/30/10: My Brother visited the site and found some typos that I fixed.  I also added the picture of Bobby Van Eps.  

  • 10/29/10: I haven't mentioned it but I discovered 34 Home-Recorded 78's that my Dad had recorded, and 1 Professionally Recorded 78 (16" diameter!). Most are of the HSQ.  I finally found someone to play (and potentially convert) them for me and most seem to be of good quality.  So I have even more music to add to the site!  

  • 10/24/10:  Rehearsal Tapes: After a few tension-filled days listening to my Giants earn the right to play in the World Series, I have finally posted Tape 3.   I have not identified all the French-sounding pieces yet - if you listen and know what something is, please let me know.

  • 10/24/10: Links Page: added a You Tube video of Jack playing on the Laurence Welk Show.  Also in the video is Don Bonnee, who played in the 6-sax arrangements on the Music Pages.

  • 10/20/10: Downloads Page: Added Russ Garcia's arrangement of Debussy's "La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin". The parts include the HSQ players' pencil marks - beats, some breath marks, etc.  This is not Harriet Crawford's copying, (looks like a lefty to me).  Is Russ Garcia left-handed?

  • 10/18/10: Rehearsal Tapes; added Tape2.  (I'm trying to add at least 1 tape and 1 pdf sheet music a week.)

  • 10/15/10: Added "Maple Leaf Rag" to the downloads page.  Boy, that Bobby Van Eps could really write.

  • 9/27/10: Added Tape 1 to the "Rehearsal Tapes" page.  Let me know if any of the links are broken. The 2 with conversations could use transcripts.. (hint hint if you're reading this..)

  • 9/24/10: I have started a "Rehearsal Tapes" page.  Right now you can reach it from a link in the white box on the 'Music" tab. Based upon interest, I will post more tapes there. I hope to post my first "transcript" tomorrow.

  • 9/23/10: Ani finally sent me a picture of her Dad, Bobby Van Eps, and I posted a pdf of my favorite of his arrangements, Alabamy Bound.  Also added another Russ story.

  • 9/22/10: added links to the Kiev Sax Quartet. Added 2 more album covers. Began a new page: "Rehearsal Tapes", but have been struggling with "SiteBuilder".  Hopefully my problem will be resolved soon.

  • 9/18/10: Added a "Downloads" page, with nagging text asking for donations to charities. Put up one of the Russ Garcia tunes, but realized the PDF is way too big - I'll have to remake it tomorrow.  If you download it, don't complain about the 2nd bari page - the copy that I have was tilted like that, and I tried to fix it as best I could.  Needless to say, that is not my Mom's copying.

  • 9/17/10: I added a place for press releases - magazine articles, etc, on the HISTORY tab. I added some comments to the photographs.  I'm looking into the issue of all the music starting in at once in some browsers on  the music page - gotta fix that!

  • 9/15/10: I got an email back from Russ Garcia, and he suggested that I distribute his arrangements/compositions!  Wow!  I've got to get to work!  He remembered writing for the group, and mentioned that they had all been good friends and that both he and my dad were "porsche addicts".

  • 9/12/10: 1) I've continued to merge in information from Robert George.  2) I added a new picture to the "Other Bands" section, sent to my by Ray Ulyate, Bill's brother.  All four of the HSQ guys are right there, in the band. 3) I spoke to Bobby Van Eps's only  daughter, and she believes the 3 tunes he arranged for the band are not published.  I am preparing those PDF's to be posted, waiting for pictures of Bobby to include in the PDF's, and then I will post them. 4) I am struggling with a better way to reduce the noice during the "conversation" sections of the "Rehearsal Tapes" so the 4 guys are better heard.  My dad - the guy who did the home recordings - specifically kept rehearsal conversations that he thought were clever/funny/etc.

  • 9/9/10: Robert George from the Lenoir Sax Quartet contacted me (and signed the guestbook). He told me he'd borrowed some HSQ charts from the UCLA Music Library!  I have no idea how the music got there - my Mom went to USC so chances are slim that she sent the parts to UCLA ;) . Anyone have any ideas?  I marked the "charts" that UCLA has on the Music tab (the alphabetical section).  He also has done lots of research on all the charts and sent that to me, to incorporate here.  Wow! Thanks to Mr. George for the info!  Now all I want is a YouTube performance of a Lenoire performance of an HSQ chart! (hint hint).

  • 9/1/10: I managed to contact Bobby Van Eps's daughter!  It's crazy being somehow connected to someone I've never met. I think my favorite arrangement ever is "Alabamy Bound".  These recordings were never released, and very early in the HSQ timeline.  You can hear them from the MUSIC tab.

  • 8/31/2010: HISTORY/STORIES tab: added Spud Murphy's account of the HSQ and why they formed, and what he likes about them.

  • I figured out how to link music

  • 8/26/2010: A milestone today!  I figured out how to post a pdf, and how to link to it. You can now download my Mom's arrangement of BeauSoir.  See the Music page.

  • 8/25/2010:I received an email from Ray Ulyate - Bill's youngest brother.  Nice. He signed the guest book.

  • 8/21/2010: I spent the weekend in LA with my childhood friends - the Ulyate kids and Richie's kid.  I pulled more HSQ recordings and pictures from Mom's house and will slowly be incorporating the things into the website.  I have rehearsal tapes with them playing and talking.

  • 8/16/2010: I spoke to UNC Jazz Press.  They say they are revising all of Lennie Neihaus's piees and will release them in September.

  • 8/15/2010: I found most of the French Impressions Album pieces for sale on the web and provided links (in green) and publisher information below.

  • 8/12/2010: I have added a few links on the Music page to help me  understand US copyright law, as it pertains to sheet music.  It appears that any of the music that was published before 1923 would be in the public domain.  That is the first "low hanging fruit" I will be trying to identify and post.

  • If you are near the USC music library, or the Yale music library, a box of the HSQ sheet music may reside in some archive there (if you can find it).  I have the Stanford box of music - it was liviing in a music professor's garage attic, and I was lucky that we are friends and he turned it over to me.  My brother remembers my Mom preparing these boxes.

Don't look down here.  I'm trying to figure out how to link audio in a new way.  Some folks have complained that all the excerpts start up all at once when the surf to one of the pages.  This is experimenting (below)...

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