The Hollywood Saxophone Quartet
Records (78s)
Rehearsal Tapes

Morrie Crawford often recorded the HSQ when they played at our house. At first he used a machine that cut 78's, and later both my brother and I remember the fancy AMPEX tape recorder we had.  Our Music Room's walls, ceilings, and doors were completely covered in acoustic tile -the kind with the little holes in it, and the microphone was suspended from the ceiling!

Morrie often let the recording continue between "takes".  If you listen to the 4 (or 6) guys talk, you will hear them discuss all kinds of things - the Dodgers, golf, cars.  And the rehearsals were far from perfect - you can hear random, "oops"  here and there. 

Mostly you hear them laugh and joke around.  It seems like they had a great time.

As Jack often said... "Peachy".