The Hollywood Saxophone Quartet


My brother remembers our Mom packing up three boxes with identical copies of all the HSQ sheet music.  She sent one off to Yale, one off to Stanford, and one off to USC. 

I have the Stanford "BOX", but in most cases I don't have the right to post them here.  However, I can help you find it in a legal way.  If you know of some other pieces associated with the HSQ, or know of some sources that I don't list below, please let me know. 

I noticed that the guys had numbered the tunes in their "book".   [Hear their Discussion]    If you are curious about the origins of the sheet music you purchased on the internet from a guy who inherited it from some other sax quartet who copied it from the library (etc etc), you might be able to recognize it as an HSQ copy by a hand written number scrawled at the top of the first page. I've added these numbers (HSQ#nnn) into the table below.  Interestingly, it seems that each player wrote their own numbers in their own style. If you've got an original part, you might also see their original breath marks, accidentals,  etc.

Another identifying mark is my Mom's hand-written "Hollywood Saxophone Quartet" over the bottom staff on the first page of the parts.

** I do not have this sheet music
0 = Not released on any album
1 = In the "Hollywood Saxophone Quartet" Album
2 = In the "Warm Winds" Album
3 = Included in the "Sax Appeal" Album
4 = Included in the "French Impressions" Album
5 = In the "Stanford" Box of music


  • Hollywood Saxophone Quartet - Liberty LJH#6005 - 1955
    • Side 1
      1. Toccata in F [Marty Paich,arr]  
      2. Nightcap [Lennie Niehaus,arr] 
      3. New York City Ghost [Marty Paich,arr]
      4. You Brought a New Kind of Love [Jack Montrose,arr]
      5. Autumn in New York [Warren Barker,arr]
      6. There'll Never Be Another You  [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
    • Side 2
      1. Mixed Commotions [Russ Garcia,arr]
      2. Cheek to Cheek [Billy May,arr]
      3. Make the Most of IT [Lennie Niehaus,arr]     
      4. Ghost of a Chance [Morrie Crawford,arr]
      5. All the Things You Are [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      6. Dancing on the Ceiling [Billy May,arr] 
  • Warm Winds - Liberty LRP#3047- 1957
    • Side 1 - Warm Winds - arranger Lyle "Spud" Murphy
      1. Sirocco
      2. Chinook
      3. Khamsin
      4. Monsoon
    • Side 2 - The Gold Rush Suite - Jack Marshall
      1. Sweet Betsy from Pike
      2. The Days of '49
      3. California State Coach
      4. Used Up Man
      5. What Was Your Name In the States?
      6. Lousy Miner
      7. "Joe Bowers" and "Californa Bank Robbers"
  • SAX Appeal - Liberty LRP#3080
    • Side 1
      1. Fascinating Rhythm - (Gershwin, Gershwin) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      2. Wait Till You See Her - (Rodgers,Hart) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      3. Taking a Chane On Love - (Duke, Fetter, LaTouche) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      4. Forget - (Lenny Niehaus) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      5. But Not for Me - (Gershwin) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      6. Open House - (Lenny Niehaus) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
    •  Side 2
      1. This Can't be Love - (Rodgers, Hart) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      2. Polkadots and Moonmeans - (Van Heusen, Burke) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      3. That's the Way the Ball Bounces - (Lenny Niehaus) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      4. Yesterday's Gardenias (Mysels,Robertson,Cogone) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      5. Four at Liberty (Lenny Neihaus) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
      6. Have You Met Miss Jones (Rodgers,Hart) [Lennie Niehaus,arr]
  • French Impresions (Verve MG-V-4037)
    • Side 1
      1. Petit Quartour (Jean Francaix) 
        1. Serenade Comique
        2. Cantilene
        3. Gaguenardise
      2. La Fille Aux Cheveux de Lin (Claude Debussy) [Russ Garcia,arr]
      3. Chanson de la Grandmaman (Gabriel Pierne) 
      4. Trois Conversations (Gabriel Pierne) 
        1. Amusante
        2. Sentimentale
        3. Animee
    • Side 2
      1. La Plus Que Lente (Claude Debussy) [Russ Garcia,arr]
      2. Introduction et Scherzo (Robert Clerisse)
      3. La Veille de L'ange Gardien (Gabriel Pierne)
      4. Chanson d'Autrefois (Gabriel Pierne) 
      5. Andante et Scherzo Eugene Bozza,
        1. Andante
        2. Scherzo
      6. Beau Soir (Claude Debussy) [Harriet Crawford,arr] .


A few links (hopefully) explaining copyright , etc:

  • This link from the Music Publisher's Assoc explains basically that if it's copyrighted, you can't do anything.
  • This pdf by Ronald B. Standler explains
    • Composer should include copyright notice on first page of sheet music
    • Copyright should be registered with U.S. Copyright office
    • Composer typically sells half of the copyright to the publisher
    • Copyright is typically valid until 70 years after the composer dies - there are exceptions, read the doc.
      • Composer died >70 years ago?  Tune might be in the public domain.
    • In the USA: 5 rules about copyright expiration and the tune entering the public domain:
      • If published before 1923:  Copyright is expired, it is public domain.
      • If published or copyright registered between 1923 - 1977: Copyright expiration depends upon if the Copyright was renewed at the U.S. Copyright office
      • If created before 1/1/78 and never published?  Copyright expires the greater of life of composer+70 years or Dec 31, 2002.
      • If created before 1/1/1978, and published between 1/1/78 and 12/31/02:  Copyright expires the greater of life of composer+70 years or 12/31/2047.
      • If created after 1/1/78: Copyright expires 70 years after the composer dies.
  • This Website briefly mentions "work for hire" which might have been the case for these HSQ arrangements..  It says "If the piece of music was composed as a work-for-hire, the copyright expires 90 years after it was published or 120 years after it was created, whichever comes first."
  • This website says music published in 1922 or earlier is in the public domain.  That corroborates  Mr. Standler's pdf above.
  • But this reference gives a different definition of what is in the Public Domain and is very convincing...
    • Copyright does not need to be regsitered
    • If it was registered before 1/1/1923 it is in the public domain
    • If it was registered before 1/1/1923 - 1/1/1978 it is copyrighted for 95 years from the date of the copyright (earliest date 1/1/2019)
    • If it was created after 1/1/1978 it is copyrighted until death of longest surviving composer + 70 years (earliest date 1/1/2048)